"Alcides y Aniceto:The Rossi's, a century of Tango"


Technical Specifications


Alcides y Aniceto: Los Rossi, un siglo de Tango


Daniel Tonelli - Marcelo Turrisi


The Argentine Tango Society

Production Coordinator:

Silvina Damiani






documentary/p> Duration:

30 minutes


Descendant of a family of notable musicians, Don Aniceto Rossi marks a before and after the double bass in tango . He created one of the most famous string joints, which we know with the name of "Yumba" < / i>. Founding member of the orchestra of maestro Osvaldo Pugliese in the year '39, Aniceto, will have the pride to be replaced by talented and promising double bassist, his own son Alcides, two decades later.

Before occupying the vacant place left by his father, the young Alcides had integrated the orchestras of Alfredo Gobbi and Aníbal Troilo, nothing more and nothing less. Years later, having completed his cycle in the Pugliese orchestra, Alcides will become one of the key pieces of a renewing line-up: the Sexteto Tango.

The unmistakable sound of his double bass seems to indicate to the orchestra when to move forward and when to stop. In the words of his colleague Ignacio Varchausky: "Alcides, I was in charge ..."

Aniceto and Alcides Rossi occupy a place of privilege in the history of tango as two of the most important rhythmic conductors of the genre.

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