ATVC AWARD 2018 2018

THE ARGENTINE TANGO SOCIETY is pleased to announce that it has won the ATVC 2018 Award, in the Documentary category , with the tv series "As Tango Says", televised on the City Channel. This prize was received by one of the Documentary Serie's director, Daniel Tonelli, and the director of the Channel of the City, Mr. Eduardo Cura. Throughout 26 years, the Argentine Association of Cable TV (ATVC) gives this award to the best cable television programs in Argentina and Latin America. We are receiving this award while we are celebrating our first 10 documentaries, dedicated to share and spread the stories of the protagonists of Argentine culture. "Walczak Agri, violinists", "Nito and Elba, nobility of the suburb", "José Colángelo, all dreams", "Alcides and Aniceto, the Rossi, a century of tango", "Horacio Cabarcos, the bassist", "Ernesto Baffa, poetry by bandoneón "," Podestá-Godoy, singers "," Típico Víctor "," Legends of Tango Dance "," Héctor, of Gricel ". All realised by Daniel Tonelli and Marcelo Turrisi, and coordinated by Silvina Damiani.