"Ernesto Baffa - Poetry of Bandoneon"


Technical Specifications


"Ernesto Baffa -Poetry of Bandoneon"


Daniel Tonelli - Marcelo Turrisi


The Argentine Tango Society

Production Coordination:

Silvina Damiani








25 minutes


When I was a child, I walked a few blocks to the Flores club to sneak in and listen to the orchestras that performed there; "If I have opened the taxi door to Troilo ...", he remember. His destiny and his talent made him years later hi took a place in the Pichuco orchestra.

Ernesto Baffa, the protagonist of the new documentary produced by The Argentine Tango Society, is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic tango musicians. Owner of an unmistakable style, Baffa evokes with his testimony his time in the orchestras of Alfredo Gobbi, Horacio Salgán and Aníbal Troilo, among others, besides the unforgettable formation with his great friend, Osvaldo Berlingieri.

A tireless student of the possibilities offered by the bandoneon, arranger and composer, as well as a great instrumentalist, Baffa remembers his teachers with affection. Thus, the anecdotes follow one another and their unmistakable version of Responso resonates from the historic bar Los Laureles .

Ernesto Baffa, Poetry of bandoneón is a sensitive tribute to an indisputable exponent of our citizen music. An endearing artist who, as he himself remembers, occupied a privileged place with some of the genre: "I played with Horacio Salgán, with Aníbal Troilo and with Astor Piazzolla, what else can I ask ...?"

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