Horacio Cabarcos: "The Double Bass Player"


Technical Specifications


Horacio Cabarcos: The Double Bass Player


Daniel Tonelli - Marcelo Turrisi


The Argentine Tango Society

Production Coordination:

Silvina Damiani








30 minutes


When he was a child, his father made him a double bass with a can of 'Canale' cookies, to play while he listening him to rehearse.

Son of Fernando Cabarcos (famous bassist in the orchestras of Alfredo Gobbi, Francini-Pontier and Leopoldo Federico, among others), Horacio Cabarcos inherited from his family, the passion for music. Trained at the National Conservatory, he played all genres but the weight of tango, in a family that had given musicians such as Kicho and David Diaz, was not going to take long to prevail.

In the garage of his childhood house, in Gerli, he tells us the secrets of an instrument he knows as nobody because when he was a child, and his father disarmed the instrument to fix it, Horacio went inside to sleep. The history of the double bass in tango, the different styles, the strapattas , the yeites of the genre; Horacio tell us as an open book, and that remark his quality of musician and a teacher.

His extensive career in the stable orchestra of the Teatro Colón and in the National Symphony, which allowed him to work with Alfredo Kraus, Luciano Pavarotti, José Carreras, Yehude Menujin and Benny Godman, among other greats; his remembered when hi played n the orchestra of the teacher Horacio Salgán and his outstanding participation in the trio and the orchestra of the great Leopoldo Federico. Horacio Cabarcos has left visible mark in all the formations that he has integrated. The present finds him displaying all his talent in the powerful trio that he integrates with the masters Víctor Lavallén and Pablo Estigarribia. A true luxury for lovers of tango and high level music.

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