"José Colángelo: All his Dreams"


Technical Specifications


José Colángelo: All his dreams


The Argentine Tango Society


Daniel Tonelli - Marcelo Turrisi

Production Coordination:

Silvina Damiani








30 minutes


"The piano appears and I don know why ...", start to tell José Colángelo; "It will be because I liked it, because the piano is the prettiest thing there is, you can laugh with one, cry with one, it is the most beautiful woman, undoubtedly". The love relationship of the this renowned musician with the piano, it will be sealed forever and , being still younger, it would be take him to work with the master Leopoldo Federico and singer Julio Sosa, as well as becoming the last pianist of the unforgettable Aníbal Troilo.

"José Colángelo: All his dreams", is the title of the last documentary realized by Daniel Tonelli and Marcelo Turrisi, with the production of The Argentine Tango Society and the coordination of Silvina Damiani. In it, the great pianist tells us the memories of a childhood in which his maternal grandmother and his parents were a great support during his training and in the first steps he was giving in the environment of tango.

His participation in the orchestra of the great "Pichuco", appears narrated with great emotion and the feeling : "I do not know, the Gordo for me was magical ... I had the sensation, almost, of the same as playing with God, for me , the "Gordo" was a wise man, the teachings the "Gordo" has left us were so many that I will never finish thanking him ".

Colángelo's career seems inexhaustible; the documentary tells the history of his own quartet, the accompaniment as instrumentalist to great figures of the genre, his numerous recordings and tours around the world, and countless anecdotes. But, far from thinking about a break, the teacher keeps betting on creation and does not stop: "I am a happy man". He thinks that the best has not yet done it, the piano does not weigh me down and I want to continue it, because this has no end, it never ends learning ... "

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