"Nito y Elba: Nobility of Suburb"


Technical Details


Nito y Elba: Nobleza de arrabal


The Argentine Tango Society


Daniel Tonelli - Marcelo Turrisi

Production Coordinator:

Silvina Damiani








30 minutes


"Nito y Elba: Nobleza de arrabal" is the title of the new documentary realized by Daniel Tonelli and Marcelo Turrisi,produced by The Argentine Tango Society , with the general coordination of Silvina Damiani. In this story, Nito tell us, before going to the first milonga of his life, he spent two years practicing because "the girls did not go out to dance if they saw you were not doing it right" .

""My style is 'saloon-fantasy', ... 'saloon' because I dance on the axis, and 'fantasy' because I do a lot of things that no are 'saloon' ..." This is how Nito García defines the personal way to show his tango style.

In 1966, Nito had the opportunity to dance, for the first time, with the orchestra of the master Osvaldo Pugliese and, a decade later, he would meet Elba, his partner. Always putting the accent on the mark , we attended to a class and catch the spirit of this emblematic tango couple.The documentary, also introduces us into their most intimate world. For decades, Nito and Elba ( his wife), have become references of several generations of dancers around the world is where the memories come to life:

" In my house the movie 'Pelota de trapo 'was filmed ... When I was a child, I never could not play with a pair of rubber shoes, there was poverty but you could not tell because we were all the same ".

Owner of an unmistakable style, in his dance, and in his particular way to dressing, Nito does not hesitate to define himself as "a bit farolero": "Sometimes I get upset because I'm wearing this flashy clothes, and people think that I earn a hundred thousand pesos a month, otherwise, they do not respect you ..."

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