Típico Víctor



Typical Víctor, proposes a hand-in-hand meeting with the bandoneonist Víctor Lavallén from a close look at his extensive and valuable career as an instrumentalist, arranger, composer and musical director.

The memories when he played in the orchestras of Caló, Echagüe-Laborde, Stampone and Francini, his arrival in the maestro Pugliese's orchestra, the Sexteto Tango, and other evocations are intertwined one after the other. But Víctor seems not to be dazzled by his successful past: he is a low profile artist, he is always committed to the present and to the renovation

We can see him , rehearsing and directing a talented group of young musicians of the Tango Emilio Balcarce School Orchestra, leading his own group during one of his presentations, or recording his latest work as a prominent member of a dazzling instrumental trio.

Talented and inexhaustible, loved and admired, Víctor Lavallén tells his own story with genuine humility and makes us sharers in his dreams, without see, perhaps, the privileged place he occupies: that of a true "hidden legend of the tango" of all the times.