April 2019 - The family of the renowned architect Sáenz Valiente contacted "The Argentine Tango Society" in order to obtain advice on the destination that could be given to the collection of books, recordings and other tango publications treasured for years with the passion that possessed by collectors of the genre. After a rigorous analysis of the catalog, "The Argentine Tango Society" together with the "Stowe Tango Music Festival" will make it possible for the collection to be exhibited permanently at the Stowe headquarters, in the fabulous Musical Center of Tango Kitchen, where year after year instrumentalists from all over the world and undisputed personalities such as José Colángelo, Julio Pane, Pablo Agri and Néstor Marconi, Víctor Lavallèn, Horacio Cabarcos, among others gather. The Musical Director of the Stowe Tango Music Festival and winner of a Grammy Award, Héctor Del Curto, and the ATS staff are dedicated to the transfer of the Sáenz Valiente collection from Buenos Aires to the United States to house it in a space for recreation and permanent consultation respecting the wishes of the family and the collector himself.

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