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The ArgentineTango Society

Is a non-profit organization founded in November 2000 as a collaborative effort by the the Consul General of Argentina in New York and the founding President of the Society. At its inception, the Society received the endorsement of the Argentine Government and its President . Subsequently, branches of "The Argentine Tango Society" were created in Vermont (United States) and in the United Kingdom. Argentine Tango first appeared on the scene towards the end of the nineteenth century in Buenos Aires. Since then, it has spread its wings worldwide and has been recognized by UNESCO as "Heritage of Humanity"..

Goal of the Society / To preserve and promote the tradicional Argentine Tango in its myriad of expressions: music, dance, poetry, literature, history and the visual arts.

Some Milestones / The Society has provided free dance classes at the Consulate of Argentina in New York since 2001. - Has organized Gala benefits and fundraisers in support of Argentine Tango and of children's hospitals in Argentina. - Has collected and preserved musical instruments (Bandoneons) and other Tango artifacts (manuscripts, books, sculptures, paintings, etc.) - The Society has sponsored recordings of several Tango Orchestras, and Tango shows, on a 'non profit' basis. - Has provided Masters classes for accomplished musicians wishing to play Tango music, and supported Tango seminars and workshops for dance, music and History of Tango. - Has produced film documentaries relating to Tango history and some of its major figures.


- Has assumed the sponsorship of one of the most important Tango websites in the world: "Todo Tango". - Has initiated an international Bandoneon competition to encourage young musicians to take up the instrument. - The Society is planning to disseminate information relating to the health benefits of Tango Dancing in the areas of: Cognitive skills, Parkinson's disease and Cardiac health.


"There is no such thing as old tango and new tango. Tango is one. Perhaps the only difference is between those that do it well, and those that do it badly."




The Society has sponsored the purchase of the historic "Cabaret Marabu", saving it from bankruptcy.

The History Marabú was a cabaret in the City of Buenos Aires that operated in the basement of an Italian palace-style building, located at 365 Maipú street, off Corrientes Avenue, between 1935 and the end of the 1980’s.Created by Spanish immigrant Jorge Sales, it became one of the most traditional cabarets of the Buenos Aires night scene, where many of the leading exponents of tango, such as Aníbal Troilo, Carlos Di Sarli, Ángel Vargas and Ángel D’Agostino performed. “El Marabú” was the stage where Aníbal Troilo and his orchestra made their debut on July 1, 1937, accompanied by singer Francisco Fiorentino. This was actually the second orchestra led by Troilo, since his first group was a quintet, formed in 1927, which lasted hardly over a year. However, the impact of his presentation at Marabú was such that during subsequent tributes to “Pichuco”, this was considered the date of his orchestral debut. In 1967, during a tribute at the Casacuberta Hall of San Martin Theater, he recalled the formation he played with at the Marabú, and played “La Tablada”, with the orchestral arrangement of those days. Marabú was also the stage of his choice in 1940 for a presentation with Ástor Piazzola. After 30 years in the business, Marabú closed its doors to reopen, for a brief period, in May 1984. Osvaldo Pugliese made an appearance on the day of Marabú's reopening.

THURSDAY 9pm Maipú 365, C.A.B.A. Argentine.

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“... I got the orchestra together in 1939. I remember that, no long after, I had an entourage of dancers who followed me and shouted: “Easy, easy, easy, we're the fans of Pugliese” I kind of liked it, but I told myself “Easy, Osvaldo, you don’t need to gloat...”



Tango Radio Club

For some time now, The Tango Society has undertaken the immense task of preserving and promoting the Argentine Tango. And what a better way to express that dream than doing it on the air. The wee hours of the morning of Monday, May 2, 2017 were witness to the very first broadcast of Tango Radio Club show, on Radio Continental AM 590 station..

With Osmar Spanu as host, a special section by Jesús Mela, and Silvina Damiani in charge of the producer, Tango Radio Club is determined to offer good music and clear and easy-to-understand information about the various aspects and characteristics of this genre

The reason is clear: we aim at creating a space where knowledge, culture and tango productions reached the audience in an entertaining and customized way.

SUNDAYS / Midnight / AM590-Radio Continental

Tango Radio Club

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"Music is the most direct kind of art: It goes into the ear and reaches the heart...It is the universal language of humanity."



In order to preserve the history of Tango and its outstanding protagonists, six years ago, The Argentine Tango Society started producing a series of collectible documentaries which compile the unique testimonies of the great singers, musicians, milongueros, dancers and legends of Tango.

Directed by Daniel Tonelli and Marcelo Turrisi, and coordinated by Silvia Damiani, the documentary comprises ten collectible works which are shared for free in social media with an aim to spread the knowledge, poetry and beauty of Tango everywhere.

Héctor , el de Gricel (2012), :Leyendas del Tango Danza" (2014), "Típica Víctor" (2015), "Podestá-Godoy, Cantores" (2015), "Ernesto Baffa, Poesía de Bandoneón" (2016), "Horacio Cabarcos, el Contrabajista" (2016), "Alcides y Aniceto, los Rossi, Un siglo de Tango" (2017), "José Colangelo, Todos sus Sueños" (2017), ""Nito y Elba, Nobleza de Arrabal" (2018), "Walczak-Agri, violinistas" (2018).

GLORIA Y EDUARDO,el abrazo eterno" -Premiere October 2019


"When works do not have values that I consider indispensable, I prefer not to play them, until the parts with no arrangements, have been properly arranged".

The Festival

The Stowe Tango Music Festival is the United States' premier tango music festival, noted both for its unique series of performances and its high level of musical training. Founded by bandoneonist Hector Del Curto and cellist Jisoo Ok, the highlight of the festival is the Stowe Tango Music Festival Orchestra – a truly unique tango orchestra comprised of an extraordinary group of selected students from all over the globe and world-class artists including guest tango legends from Argentina. The festival also features numerous events for dancers and the world's only annual bandoneon competition – Che Bandoneon International Competition. The Stowe Tango Music Festival's mission is to to integrate and expand Stowe and surrounding communities by making Tango accessible to everyone through the music, the dance, the art, the educational programs and community events. It offers a wide range of opportunities for aficionados and newcomers to connect with Tango Music in new and innovative ways. The Stowe Tango Music Festival is sponsored by The Argentine Tango Society. Is an event of The Argentine Tango Society, a publicly supported 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Announcing 2020 Festival Dates! August 20th to 23th, 2020 / Stowe

Stowe Tango Music Festival

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